Sonic City, a short review

soniccityPlus de seize heures de coups de boutoir en pleine face, c'était le festival Sonic City, première édition. On en redemande déjà.


1 - Encore, encore, encore

Top of the bill: Michael GiraDeerhoof

Top of KO's: Boredoms

Top of psych': Silvester Anfang

Top of percussions: Shit And Shine

Top of disco punk: Gomm

Top of originality: Dirty Projectors


2 – Encore, mais point trop

Top of the hype, so, so: Sunburned Hand of the Man

Top of not on top: Pawlowski


3 – Encore? Mais vous n'y pensez point

Top of 'They fucking didn't care': Numbers

Top of 'they'd better shut up': Todd

Top of poseurs: Victorian English Gentlemens Club


Rendez-vous en 2008?


Des mp3: Michael Gira – Rose Of Los Angeles

Deerhoof – Rainbow Silhouette Of The Milky Rain

The Boredoms – Jungle Taitei

Dirty Projectors – No More